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Woman on couch having a zoom call appointment with her naturopath

15 Minute Complimentary
Digestive Freedom Discovery Call

The 15 Minute Complimentary Digestive Freedom Discovery Call is a great starting point for anyone who is unsure where to start. On the call, you can share a bit about your current health concerns and goals and Dr. Rosie can let you know your best next steps moving forward.

One on One
Naturopathic Consultation Services

One to One Naturopathic Consultation Services are available to residents in Ontario in both virtual and in-office formats. Each new patient begins with an Initial Discovery and Strategy Appointment. During this appointment I complete a thorough review of your health concerns, any previous lab or imaging, and create your short-term and long-term treatment strategy. Book your Discovery and Strategy Appointment today. *Most naturopathic services are covered by extended health benefits plans. Be sure to check your plan.*
Woman patient with naturopathic doctor having an in-person appointment
A group ladies in group naturopathic treatment appointments

Group Naturopathic Treatment Appointments

Group Naturopathic Treatment Appointments are available to patients who are completing the Digestive Freedom Method Program. Group appointments allow you to connect with other women who know exactly what you are going through while still receiving the same care provided in one-to-one appointments. Learn more about the Digestive Freedom Method below.

lab microscope and tools within lab

Comprehensive Lab Testing

Comprehensive Lab Testing is an invaluable tool that allows us to gain critical insight into digestive imbalances and diagnosis, hormonal imbalances including sex and thyroid hormones, inflammatory status, nutritional deficiencies and so much more.

As a Naturopathic Doctor I have access to standard blood testing (ex. Celiac, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis screening, thyroid panel, inflammatory markers etc.) along with speciality lab testing for digestive health (ex. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, IBS Blood Test), hormones (Dried Urine Hormone Testing) and much more.

Lady cooking in her kitchen so she can dominate her digestion

Dominate Your Digestion Education Program

Dominate your Digestion Educational Program is for self-starters who don’t require one-to-one support or care and are looking for educational resources that teach participants the key strategies to enhance and optimize their digestive functions. Learn more about the program below.

Not sure what program or service is right for you?

Schedule a 15-minute Complimentary Digestive Freedom Discovery Call so i can help you discover your next best step.