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Goodbye bloating, gas, tummy pain, Diarrhea, Constipation and hello bathroom freedom and flat tummies!

HI! I’m Dr. Rosie Grobbink.
Naturopathic Doctor, founder of A Mindful Health Journey & The Digestive Freedom Method. I offer comprehensive virtual naturopathic care for women with IBS and gut based symptoms.

Tired of letting your digestion drive your life?

You’ve tried everything else, but no one has found out WHY you’re not getting better… until now!

Gas and Bloating

No matter what you eat you can’t seem to figure out why you look six months “pregnant” at the end of the day.  Not to mention the embarrassing gas you pass at the office at the worst time possible.  So you change your diet and start eating healthy but it’s just not working and you think it actually might be making the gas and bloating worse.

Tummy Pain
 The tummy pain is relentless.  When it happens, it’s so bad that all you want to do is curl up on the coach and forget even trying to go to work that day.  You’ve consulted your primary healthcare providers and had all the tests done but everything is normal, so you are told nothing is wrong and you just have to live with it.



Everyday you are running to the washroom at the worst time possible.  Your diarrhea is so bad you are afraid to leave the house.  You know there are some food triggers but you just can’t put your finger on it! So you keep stocking up on the Pepto hoping it works.


You have been trying to get your bowels to move regularly.  You’ve bumped up on your fiber and increased your water but your bowels just won’t move.  So you end up trying to take Metamucil every day only to find out it doesn’t work and actually makes things worse.

If any of this sounds like you, I am here to help.
Dr. Rosie - Headshot

Hi, I’m Dr. Rosie, ND

I love helping women who are struggling with digestive upset and imbalances that are taking over their life and are looking for a natural way to approach their healthcare.

With my natural medical training and individualized approach, I help women find the root cause of their digestive symptoms and finally start taking the right steps towards ditching their years of gas, bloating, tummy, pain, diarrhea and constipation.

My patients come back to me reporting complete control of their digestion, more energy, feeling confident and beautiful in their body, and the best part – they feel better than they EVER have.

That’s why I became a Naturopathic Doctor, to help women take control of their digestive health so they can live the life they want again on their own terms.  

Now, if you’ll let me, I’d love to help you get in the best health of your life.  The best way for me to help you get started is to book a Complimentary Digestive Freedom Breakthrough Call.  Click the Book Now button below to schedule your call.

Getting Started Is Easy


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The 3 Secrets I Used to Achieve Control Over my IBS

Curious how to get to the root cause of your digestive symptoms so you can have more ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, A FLAT TUMMY & NO LONGER BE AFRAID TO EAT?

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Are you fed up with feeling crappy yet?

Wellness is something you have to work at.  I get it…I’ve been there.. but if nothing changes… nothing changes and you’ll continue on the road as you’ve been going — downhill!!! 
That sucks.
Who wants to end up missing out on social events or not being able to spend time doing the things you love because your digestion is running your life?  Not you!

Let’s make your journey a Mindful & Healthy one.

What Folks are Saying About Me

“It is so nice to have a healthcare practitioner who truly cares about her patients and wants to listen to their concerns.”

“Thanks to Dr. Rosie, ND, I can finally leave my house without being anxious that I won’t be able to find a bathroom on time.”

“For the first time in 10+ years, I don’t have gas, bloating and diarrhea every day.”


Discover How to Ditch Tummy Bloating

What’s included in this FREE guide:

  • The real reason why you have tummy bloating in the first place
  • The top food culprits that trigger your bloating
  • A 5-Day Bloat Fixer Meal Plan
  • Access to a PRIVATE Facebook Community with more tips and resources.

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