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January 2, 2023

Is Food Sensitivity Testing Helpful for IBS?

Wooden dish in the shape of a heart with various foods inside that could cause food sensitivity - fish, nuts, fruit, vegetables, on lab desk with vials in the background

Some of my patients who are struggling with digestive issues and maybe they have a diagnosis of IBS already, come in asking about food sensitivity testing.

Now, you might be surprised to find out that I don’t actually run food sensitivity testing very often for my patients with IBS or other digestive concerns.

In case you don’t know what food sensitivity testing actually is…

It is a blood test that measures antibodies (proteins) in the blood that the body creates in response to different foods that are being consumed.

However, one of my concerns with food sensitivity testing is that it is not casting a wide enough net.

What I mean by that is, it’s only testing for one mechanism of action or one way that someone might be reacting to a food.

In reality, there’s a number of different ways and reasons why someone reacts to various foods, so food sensitivity testing is going to miss some foods.

The second reason and probably the most important reason is that a lot of times, food reactions or intolerances are happening because of the environment in the gut.

It’s SOOOOO important to recognize that it’s not just about blaming all the symptoms on food when in reality food reactions are a result of the environment in the gut.

I actually prefer to use a well tailored elimination diet for my patient that’s specific to their needs because it allows us to cast a wider net, but it also acts as a really great gut reset for the environment in the digestive tract.

This is going to have better long term results to eliminate digestive symptoms because it is actually fixing the reason why the food reactions are happening.

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~Dr. Rosie, Naturopathic Doctor and founder of the Digestive Freedom Method


I’m Dr. Rosie

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